Let's Take a Walk

Walking is great for opening one’s mind to think and to dream. Walking is great with a friend and leads to wonderful conversation. Walking is a great way to explore. Walking takes you places. Let’s go Walking.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Walking Metaphorically

I like to walk.  Walking is a great activity because it is a catalyst for so many things and it can be done almost anywhere at anytime.  Walking can be done alone, with a friend or in a group.  Walking takes you places.

Walking opens the mind.  Walking stimulates thinking.  Walking is a good time to talk with a friend.  Walking is relaxing.  Walking is a good way to explore.  Walking is good for your health.  Walking is great with a dog.  Walking is a way to meet your neighbors.  Walking can be liberating.  Walking in the woods, wilderness or mountains can be spiritual.  Walking can be so many things.

The title of this blog is “Walking” because metaphorical walking is what I want to do with this blog.  I want this blog to be a walk: a catalyst of thinking, conversation and exploration.

Walk every day. Walk around your neighborhood.  Walk in a park.  Walk at a mall.  Walk through the woods.  Walk down the sidewalk.  Walk over the hills.  Walk through a meadow. Walk in the mountains.  Walk with your dog.  Walk with a friend.  Just walk to walk.  Let’s go for a walk.